Richard has written plays, musicals and screenplays.

These include Dial 'M' for Millicent, Square Pegs, Shake it Down, Double, Double and Tommy Tinkerton Tours.

Square Pegs is a full-length musical comedy with book and lyrics by Richard and music by Jeremy Thorne.

"Square Pegs is a riotous new musical comedy with music by Jeremy Thorne and book and lyrics by Richard Mulholland.

In the not too distant future, on a not too distant planet, a group of social outcasts, 'Square Pegs' as they are known, are being subjected to a revolutionary new process called Normalisation, which its inventor, Dr. Ivana Petrovich claims will cure them of their strange ways and allow them to 'fit in' back on Earth.

The institution's Governor, Elspeth Mytholmroyd, regards Petrovich as a fraud and does everything she can to sabotage her experiments. Things reach boiling point with a violent riot that ends in the Governor being shot.

An insurance inspector, Lavinia Winward, arrives and declares that unless she can apprehend and 'cull' the instigator of the riot, the institution will be uninsurable, declared a write off and be 'terminated' with staff relocated to the Bermuda Triangle and inmates vaporised.

Lavinia's investigations prove fruitless and she is forced to call an old acquaintance for help, super sleuth Millicent Marshall. It's not long before things take a turn and a simple insurance investigation becomes a murder inquiry..."

  • Bang A Drum Link to audio
  • Work is a Curse Link to audio
  • Shake It Down was commissioned by the London College of Music as a third year public performance.

    Richard wrote the book and the lyrics and Richard Link wrote the show's original music.

    "Shake It Down is fantastical tale about two London school kids, Sam and Jess, who inadvertently get sucked through a wormhole in the space/ time continuum and end up in a parallel universe.

    There they meet the mischievous Puck, who tells them that the only person who can help them is a struggling writer called Will Shakespeare- the same Will Shakespeare whose plays have been boring them senseless in English lessons.

    The three of them set off into the forest to find Will and, en route, encounter Hermia, Helena, Lysander and Demetrius, Romeo and Juliet and Beatrice and Benedict.

    As all the character's stories get mixed up, it begins to seem that Midsummer madness might prevent the two schoolgirls from ever getting home..."

    After a successful run at The Questors Theatre in Ealing the production was invited to open the 2012 Savona Shakespeare Festival in Italy, where it was performed with the original cast of students.

    Double, Double was written for Richard's RADA Masters dissertation and was awarded a distinction.

    "Set in a Broadway theatre in the Nineteen Fifties, Double, Double is a black comedy that deals with a group of actors rehearsing for a production of Hamlet.

    The original director has died in suspicious circumstances and, as a result, the leading actor, Lester, a Hollywood film star, is unsure about whether to continue.

    A pupil of Strasberg's Method school, Lester wants to give a wholly truthful performance as the Danish prince. He is, however, scared that channeling his own demons into the role will make him a target for Senator McCarthy's witch-hunt, which is in full swing and on the lookout for un-American activities.

    As the action progresses, it quickly becomes clear that life and art are beginning to blur, with dizzying and dangerous results..."

    Tommy Tinkerton Tours

    "Tommy Tinkerton Tours is a musical revue, set on board a coach trip in the 1950s.

    During the course of the show we meet an array of characters, all of whom have their own special reason for making the journey from London to Blackpool.

    Some are looking for romance, some for fame and some for escape- some from the humdrum of their daily lives and one, from the strong arm of the law..."

Richard Mulholland